Jehovah’s Witnesses and Blood Transfusions

While Jehovah’s Witnesses accept most medical treatments and will take medications as prescribed by a doctor, they refuse whole blood transfusions for themselves and their children even in life-threatening emergency situations.

“…God views blood as representing life. (Leviticus 17:14) So we avoid taking blood not only in obedience to God but also out of respect for him as the Giver of life.”

From, the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses have even applauded the stories of children who have died after not taking transfusions, such as those included in the May 22, 1994, Awake magazine.

At a 2016 convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses, governing body member Anthony Morris related the story of a “young” Jehovah’s Witness who also died after refusing blood transfusions, after which the audience is heard applauding.

For more information about Jehovah’s Witnesses and blood transfusions, including a history of their changing stance on this issue and criticisms of their belief, please visit Jehovah’s Witnesses and Blood Transfusions at

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