Cards and Flyers

To participate in our Watchtower Victims Memorial Day on July 26, it’s encouraged to leave a flower and note or some other memorial such as a teddy bear at a local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, or at a public park, beach, bus stop, in front of a library or museum, or any place that is comfortable for each participant.


In 2014, Barbara Kohout attached notes to hundreds of roses and handed them out in this town square in Germany. Her actions even got the attention of the local media!

Participants are also encouraged to create their own way of observing this day. Some have taken the opportunity to hand out flowers and flyers to strangers to alert them of the dangers of this religion, and others have created videos to post online as a message to their family or other victims.

You might also release helium balloons if this is helpful and symbolic, being mindful of safety around power lines of course. One participant in 2014 placed small notes in plastic Easter eggs and left them around a local Kingdom Hall lawn! Another participant made up hundreds of small cards and attached them to roses, handing them out in a city square.

It’s also encouraged that each person take a picture or make a video of their memorial and share it on Facebook, if possible. This really demonstrates the love and support for victims worldwide. For those who wish to remain anonymous, you can send a private message to the Facebook page with the picture of your memorial and we will share it on the page for you, although this is completely voluntary. Everyone should participate in a way that is healthy and safe for them.

Cards and Flyers

Cards and flyers have been created by volunteers, if you wish to use them.

Click HERE for a PDF copy of cards. Print off any that have special meaning for you and leave them as your memorial This is what they look like:

cards 1 cards 2 cards 3 cards 4 cards 5 cards 6 cards 7 cards 8 cards 9 cards 10 cards 11 cards 12 cards 13 cards 14

If you wish to advertise the day to others, feel free to use this flyer. Here is what it looks like: