Below are some common questions about our Watchtower Victims Memorial Day.

Why July 26?

On July 26, 1931, in Columbus, Ohio, at a convention of the religious group known as Bible Students, their leader, Judge Joseph Rutherford, proposed that their organization officially adopt the name “Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

After taking on this new identity, the religion then began to more rapidly develop the characteristics that now distinguish it from other mainstream Christian religions, including the door-to-door preaching work, the practice of shunning, and eventually the acceptance of children for baptism and identification as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Choosing July 26 to honor the victims of this religion is only fitting! As Jehovah’s Witnesses took on their own characteristics and beliefs, they also became more and more isolated from the outside world and, in turn, more controlling of their members and more draconian in punishments for what they deemed apostasy and “causing divisions.”

Who is behind this Day?

The originator of the Day, former Jehovah’s Witness Bo Juel, talked about its inception in his autobiography, “The Least of God’s Priorities.”

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It is important that participants realize that this day was not conceived of, organized by, or is affiliated with any particular organization or group. Those who worked behind the scenes to publicize the first Day are all ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses from different affiliations, backgrounds, and even different countries!

No one should feel that they cannot participate in this event because they don’t want to support certain organizations or because they may disagree with certain website statements. This Day is meant to simply honor and mourn all victims of the Watchtower Society.

Can someone make their own Facebook page about this Day?

Of course! Again, no one “owns” this day anymore than they can “own” a holiday or any other day of remembrance and mourning. We encourage pages to be made especially those in languages other than English and that would help to reach a wider audience worldwide. We would love to see your photos shared on the main Facebook page so they’re all in one spot, but of course this is everyone’s own personal choice.

How can someone advertise this Day to the press or others?

We would encourage you to write a press release or call local reporters for advertisement. You can also distribute flyers and share the Facebook page or this site with anyone and everyone!

Is this Day limited to former Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Absolutely not! Just as someone might leave flowers at the scene of a tragic accident even without knowing the family or victims, we appreciate and encourage anyone and everyone to participate and show their support and solidarity for all Watchtower Victims!

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