Helpful Links


JW Facts – One of the largest online collections of JW quotes, taken from their own literature and sources. This site is very well-organized and easy to navigate and can answer many of your questions regarding JW beliefs.

JW Victims – A personal blog that talks about the victimization suffered by those inside, and outside, the Watchtower Society.

Australian Royal Commission Inquiry Into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse, Case Study 29; an in-depth inquiry into the handling of child sex abuse complaints within the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses. See also this website for a more detailed analysis.

Taze – is a website dedicated to coverage of Jehovah’s Witnesses and cult news, lifestyle and entertainment from an “apostate” perspective. It is the follow-up project to JW Alumni and is run by Misha Anouk, author of the book, “Goodbye Jehova!”

JW Struggle – Written by an ex-JW, this site examines some of the beliefs and practices of the Witnesses including current events and dangers posed by the religion.

AD 1914 – An in-depth look at the proclamation made by Jehovah’s Witnesses that 1914 was the start of kingdom rule by Jesus, and how and why so many of their predictions around this date have failed.

Watchtower Documents – By Barbara Anderson, a former volunteer at Bethel (the JW headquarters), who has done extensive research into the religion’s operations and specifically, their cover-up of pedophilia accusations.

YouTube Channels:

Marc Cora – Marc and Cora Latham, both ex-JWs, talk openly about the personal struggles faced by JWs and those who leave, and offer some great insights when it comes to statements and claims made by JWs.

Christian & Katja – Another exJW couple, discussing their reasons for leaving the religion and life beyond its confining walls.

ExJW Critical Thinker – Another exJW couple, with in-depth analysis of many of the practices and policies of the Watchtower Society, and the struggles of JW women in and out of the religion.

Spike R – A former elder of the religion dissects their policies and practices and current information being disseminated by the organization.

JWStruggle – The YouTube companion to the website above, with excellent commentary on doctrinal and personal issues.

Evie Bklyn – Another ex-JW with great insight into the personal struggles of those in and out of the religion, and of shortcomings of the religion itself.